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To: Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council

Support the Lets Get Wellington Riding Vision

Dear Wellington City Council,

E-bikes and e-scooters provide incredibly affordable and healthy point to point transport in communities that have traditionally been underserved by both public transport and the high cost of car-based mobility (in addition to the climate benefits obviously). Safe infrastructure will make a big difference in seeing people from the ages of 8-80 out riding.

We urge you to consider the Let's Get Welly Riding Vision and build a world class 'riding' city within the next 10 years.

See more detail here:

Why is this important?

We're seeing electric bikes and scooters sales grow at 100% year on year, and we've seen an increase in commute cycling of 25-40% across the city in the last year. They're often the fastest and cheapest ways around the city. We should be doing everything we can to support them.

These new vehicles need safe space to operate on the road. The current plans for cycleways were developed before the explosion in these new types of vehicles. As such, it's no longer fit for purpose.

We’ve designed the Let's Get Welly Riding Vision for Wellingtonians to take and run with (or ride, as the case may be).

We hope you are inspired and join us in making Welly the best place in the world to live!

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition (as well as a presentation) to the WCC and GWRC once the new councillors are elected in October 2019.

Wellington, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • Besides the climate emergency WELLINGTON is just the coolest urban city in NZ and we just know walking, and riding bikes and scooters ups our cool factor 1000%. Wellington people are staunch and brave and kind and if most of are out of cars in the inner city it will build those values even more. Cars are a mode of privilege and bikes walking and scooters make us more visible to each other and will help build a more equal community.
  • E bikes and scooters are a game changer and we need to think about what this means for infrastructure
  • WCC is too slow at reusing the roadspace for bikes instead of cars. All talk and no action. I mean why declare a climate emergency WCC, and then do no follow up...


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