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To: Rodney Local Board - Auckland Council

Let's get a dog park at the new Green Road Reserve in Auckland

I'm pleased to update you and say that the Rodney Local Board who are driving the development of this park have included a fenced dog park in the initial needs assessment of what should be included in the reserve.

This is an awesome result and one that wouldn't have come about if we hadn't had the support of our petition and of those who also completed the council online survey about what they want to see at Green Road Reserve. So a big thank you to you all.

While the park is years away from being developed it is crucial that a dog park was in the mix from the beginning. We will let you know of any new developments/milestones.

The next step is that a masterplan for the park will be developed, once that is available we will need your help again to make sure a dog park stays as a key component of the reserve.

Thanks everyone! Claire Teirney, On behalf of the Hibiscus Coast Dog Training Club

Let's get a dog park at the new Green Road Reserve in Auckland

We ask that the Rodney Local Board and Auckland Council create a large dedicated dog exercise area and dog park within the new 150 hectare Green Road Reserve that they are planning to development in Dairy Flat, Auckland.

Why is this important?

Rodney Local board are currently asking "If you were building a new park the size of Auckland’s Cornwall Park, what would you put in it?" They are currently seeking feedback until 21st September 2018.

There are over 100,000 registered dogs in Auckland and 33% of them are located north of the Harbour Bridge. One of the key elements of animal welfare for dogs is regular exercise so having dedicated dog areas is important to give dogs the best chance of being well behaved.

Also important is to have off leash exercise areas as this helps to have good dog social encounters (this does not always happen if dogs are on lead) and for dogs to have maximum enrichment opportunities while being exercised. Having a fenced dog park within the dog exercise area would also help those with young or new dogs in developing recall when off lead and allow you to train your dog in a safe environment.

We believe that Christchurch has great dog parks and dog exercise areas including The Groynes, Victoria Park and Bottle Lake Forest Park. Many are fenced and feature agility equipment. It would be fantastic to get something similar for Auckland dogs and their families to use.

In the last year Auckland dog owners paid Auckland Council over $8 Million dollars in dog registration fees. It would be encouraging and positive for those who pay their dog registration fees to see their money being invested in an asset that they can use with their dogs.

If you'd like to find out more, or to complete council's feedback survey on what should be part of this reserve, then just click on this link below:

Auckland, New Zealand

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Petition is successful with 585 signatures

2019-09-18 11:23:00 +1200

Good news everyone, the Rodney Local Board ARE planning to include a fenced dog park as part of an off leash dog exercise area in the 150 hectare reserve at Green Road. And that is all because we got the support from the public - ie YOU! Overall we got 1,705 signatures to the petition via here at Action Station online and on paper and we got those in only 16 days!! The full plan for the reserve is currently being developed and it will be years before it actually is opened, but the good news is that it is in the plan.

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