To: Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, and Employment

Let Us Finish! Remove student loan cap for future doctors

Let Us Finish! Remove student loan cap for future doctors

Dear Hon. Chris Hipkins,
Our healthcare system desperately needs doctors, yet many postgraduate medical students are being prevented from completing their degrees due to the government’s 8-year lifetime limit on student loans. Every student affected by the 8EFTS cap is one fewer doctor in our communities.
By enforcing this cap, the government is undercutting their own investment in our training as well as undermining the invaluable work carried out by these students in previous studies.
We, the undersigned, therefore urge you to include the removal of the current student loan cap for medical and extended professional programmes in the 2018 Budget.

Let Us Finish!

Why is this important?


Prior to the 2017 Election, we secured promises from the Labour, New Zealand First, Greens, and ACT parties, that they intended to lift the cap if elected.
We now have a new government, with Hon Chris Hipkins as Minister for Education. He has suggested that lifting the cap is still an intention for the government, but we need to show him that this is URGENT.

We already know of students having to go to extreme measures, such as fundraising, to pay their fees. The longer the government waits, the more future-doctors we risk losing.
That’s why it’s absolutely critical that the government includes this policy in their 2018 Budget, which will be released in May.

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A recent survey of New Zealand medical students has demonstrated that many will be prevented from finishing their degrees. Medical degrees are at least six years long, making them the longest programme in New Zealand. Each year, approximately 30% of medical entrants are selected from a pool of applicants who have already completed a previous degree.

Most of these graduate students will have used at least three of their allocated 8 EFTS in this process. Without a student loan, students will have to come up with approximately $25,000 per year to fund the remainder of their studies and living costs.

Despite our letters, and questioning by the media, previous Minister for Tertiary Education, Paul Goldsmith insisted that students will be able to take out alternative loans or should take time out from their degrees to save. He is wrong.

Without the support of a guarantor and no source of income, it is almost impossible for students to access a private bank loan. The reality is, without an affluent background to shoulder the enormous cost of completing a medical degree, the EFTS cap negatively impacts students who are socioeconomically disadvantaged.

Graduate students have completed extremely valuable study in their respective fields. These students are essential for the development of an effective and diverse health workforce in order to best address the changing health needs of our communities and health system.

The previous Minister further stated that he wanted students to complete their study as quickly as possible, yet also encouraged students to take time out from their programmes to save money for fees.

This not only delays future doctors from taking their much-needed place in the health workforce, but also is completely out of touch with the realities of working New Zealanders. With the EFTS cap in place, some students will have to save more than $50,000 to afford the remainder of their studies. All this, whilst simultaneously having much of their paycheck deducted to service existing student loans.

Goldsmith himself has admitted that medical graduates tend to repay their loans quickly, however we can’t do this if we can’t finish. By enforcing this cap, the government is undercutting their own investment, negatively impacting our health workforce and the health of New Zealanders.

How is this the best use of taxpayer dollars? Answer: It’s not.

Every student that is affected by this cap is a missing doctor for New Zealand.

These are hard working, dedicated people who are passionate about making a difference and improving the health of all New Zealanders. Without student loan support, we will not be able to work for the betterment of our communities, and our health system will remain overloaded and understaffed.


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How it will be delivered

We have made contact with the office of new Minister for Education, the Hon. Chris Hipkins, to request a meeting to deliver the petition. We will keep you updated on progress!

Reasons for signing

  • It isn't fully clear to me why this cap was imposed in the first place. Maybe a better solution would be to work towards a significant reduction in fees. There is a big problem for the whole community because of the need for doctors (and others) to spend so much of their salaries after qualifying on re-paying their loans, and that forces them to demand higher salaries which, in turn, leads to increasing medical costs for patients. An extemely vicious cycle.
  • We're short on nurses and Dr's alike. Let's not have any more health proffesion staff being burnt out and leaving the profession.
  • Because im a med student who is struggling to get through financially..


2018-03-15 16:17:10 +1300

Kia ora e hoa mā,

Thanks to your support, we were able to secure pre-election promises from all the current governmental political parties that they would remove the cap.

With the new government in place, we now have the opportunity to hold them to account.

We have requested a meeting with Minister for Education, Hon. Chris Hipkins, to present our petition and confirm the government's intention to address the cap in the 2018 Budget, which comes out in May.

This is our last chance to make sure that students who have reached the cap can access a student loan next year.

Please take a minute to share this petition via social media and email so we can boost our numbers before delivery!

Please take this one extra step to make sure the government will #LetUsFinish!

Thank you so much for your support.

Ngā mihi nui,

Kera, Chayce & Ajda
NZMSA & Te Oranga LetUsFinish Campaign Team

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