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To: Samoan Government and Prime Minister Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi

Let's reform homosexual laws in Samoa

Let's reform homosexual laws in Samoa

Dear Samoan Government,
We are asking you to deeply consider reforming section 67, 68 and 71 of the Crimes Act 2013.

Currently, the law means Samoan men cannot engage in homosexual activity without receiving a prison sentence. We want you to reform these laws, to allow for homosexual relations and relationships, but to also protect landlords or household caregivers from being prosecuted for holding a place of residence for gay people.

The current law states that homosexual relations could result in a max. 7 year prison sentence and holders of residence could face a max. 5 year prison sentence.

Your stance in terms of justice of these laws is not enough; saying that you will be less tough in terms of prosecution is deficient. We are asking for these laws to be abolished, so that there is no potential leg room for prosecution.

Why is this important?

A reform of these sections in the Crimes Act is important because gay rights = human rights. People should be able to love, free of judgement and potential persecution. Polynesia has been sexually diverse for many years and, before colonisation and Christianity, was accepted as apart of the norm.
No one should have a permanent criminal conviction, simply for loving who they want to.

These laws do not reflect well on the progressive nature of young Samoans today, along with future generations and this inflexible view of sexuality is non-inclusive, discriminatory and extremely conservative. A reform would mean our LGBTQ+ peers are more protected from discrimination and would have the ability to love freely.

We understand that, typically, when laws change, mindsets do as well and therefore are asking the Samoan Government to reform these laws to grant this change.

Crimes Act PDF for reference:


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