To: House of Representatives

Let's build an Aotearoa New Zealand where all understand, value and honour te Tiriti o Waitangi

Let's build an Aotearoa New Zealand where all understand, value and honour te Tiriti o Waitangi

To the House of Representatives,

We ask you to:

1. Ensure that all children are taught about local hapū and iwi history, the context and content of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, colonisation and its impacts.

2. Develop a nationwide Treaty education strategy for adults that includes the current role and status of the Treaty and the Treaty settlement process so people can inform themselves about their rights and obligations under the Treaty.

3. Ensure that all children growing up in Aotearoa New Zealand are able to learn te reo Māori, that adult te reo Māori classes are accessible to all, and that te reo Māori is used widely in public media and communications.

Why is this important?

In 2017 10,000 members of the ActionStation community came together to co-create our united vision in Te Ira Tāngata: a People’s Agenda. This vision looks ahead to a positive future in the year 2040, the 200 year anniversary of the signing of te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Our community has the vision that Aotearoa New Zealand in 2040 will be a fair and flourishing country with care, creativity, courage and compassion at its core. We will honour te Tiriti o Waitangi and the rights of indigenous people in our constitution, our institutions and in everything we do.

We envision in 2040 that Aotearoa New Zealand’s constitution and structures reflect our Treaty commitments, and rangatiratanga is guaranteed to Māori. Every person in Aotearoa New Zealand understands and respects Te Tiriti as our founding document, understands the harm done by colonisation in our country, and works to heal injustices and to see Te Tiriti honoured.

Sign the petition to ask the Government and political parties to join in building a future where each of us understands, values and honours te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Reasons for signing

  • Id like to see Maori culture in our education and media not on a separate channel only and english subtitles on maori channel would be a good start too.
  • The NZ European majority don't even know how privileged they are to live in a country where their language is dominant, where their systems and structures are imposed on others, where ignorance still prevails and no one is held accountable for ongoing institutional racism and oppression. Through education about the past - the REAL past - we can finally start to turn ignorance into awareness, apathy into empathy, and racism into appreciation for diversity and difference.
  • For the betterment of our future generations


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