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To: Grey District Council and the West Coast Regional Council.

Let Coast Road people have their say! Publicly notify any consent to mine in Barrytown.

Publicly notify the next consent application by West Australian company TiGa to mine the Barrytown Flats. To ensure a fair democratic process by taking into account the impact on all affected residents and businesses.

Why is this important?

A proposed venture to start mining the Barrytown flats could lead to a decades-long industrial operation in this beautiful area of the West Coast.
Despite the company and council's claims to the contrary, a venture of this size and scale could have many more than minor adverse effects on the community and environment including:
* All of us who live and have businesses along the scenic Coast Road.
* The environment: particularly birds, wetlands and the vulnerable coastal zone with a high-water table.
* Highway safety for all, residents and visitors; along the narrow Coast Road.
* The reputation and enjoyment of the Coast as a tourist destination.

Therefore, the GDC and WCRC should adhere to democratic process and allow the affected parties to at least be heard. PUBLICLY NOTIFY any consent to mine here!

Barrytown, New Zealand

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