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To: Dunedin City Council

Keep Dunedin Rail Rolling

Dear Councillors,

The Dunedin City Council needs to use innovative thinking to keep Dunedin Railways rolling, including the iconic tourist attraction of the Taieri Gorge Railway.

Mothballing and/or closing this business would be a major blow for Dunedin. We ask you to invest in the future of Dunedin Railways and explore all the alternative options.

Why is this important?

The closure and/or mothballing of Dunedin Railways will lead to the loss of a substantial number of local jobs. It will end one of the most popular visitor experiences to Dunedin and Otago.

The flow on effects for other local stakeholders would be considerable.

Keeping jobs and skills in Dunedin, introducing local commuter services, and engaging staff in local rail projects is the positive alternative. When tourism rebuilds, this popular service will then be ready and waiting.

🚂 Dunedin railways workers propose positive solutions to prevent closure:

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Dunedin, New Zealand

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The Otago Daily Times published this opinion piece from the Keep Dunedin Rail Rolling campaign on Monday 4 May 2020.

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