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To: Auckland Transport

Hey Auckland Transport, please keep your word on Lynfield bus routes

Auckland Transport have announced the 191 will start in late February 2019. Thank you so much for signing our petition and supporting the campaign - we are sure that the strong community support shown by the petition really helped AT to fulfill past promises to do this at long last.

Hey Auckland Transport, please keep your word on Lynfield bus routes

Please re-instate the proposed 191 Lynfield-Blockhouse Bay- New Lynn bus route, to provide a vital connection to the west for the community of Lynfield.

UPDATE: We won this campaign in mid September 2018 - Auckland Transport announced that the 191 will start running in late February 2019! Thanks everyone for your efforts, the community support shown by the petition was absolutely key in winning :-) Please email for more info and/or to go on our mailing list about local issues.

Why is this important?

Auckland Transport (AT) is about to implement the New (Central Bus) Network in July 2018, without the 191 route they had promised in 2016.

After consulting with the community in 2015, AT committed to the new 191 bus route to link Lynfield-Blockhouse Bay-New Lynn in 2016. A map including the new 191 route was produced and the ‘Consultation Summary & Decisions Report’ said “The Puketapapa Local Board has advocated for a bus service to link Lynfield with Blockhouse Bay… This is able to be accommodated by extending the limited (hourly) local service route 191”.

This was great news, as many years ago, when the old Auckland City was deciding between putting a new library at Blockhouse Bay or Lynfield, they had gone with Blockhouse Bay and promised Lynfield a bus link that was never delivered. The population of Lynfield has grown a lot since then too, and is about to grow even further with the addition of a large Ryman's retirement village on Commodore Drive. Sadly Lynfield has also lost a lot of the services it used to have - the last bank has gone now, the pharmacy has recently closed (with a new pharmacy coming at some point in the supermarket), and a postal agency but no longer a post shop, as well as the lack of library and civic services. This link to Blockhouse Bay is even more needed that it was when it was first promised many years ago.

However AT changed their mind about the 191 route, which will not go ahead.

We are calling on AT to keep their word to Lynfield and re-instate this important local service as promised.

There isn't another route for people to get from Lynfield to the west, and won't be in the new network either - they will have to catch a route in towards the city and then another one back out (and most likely won't do that at all in many cases). There's a very large steep hill that people would need to walk up, as part of quite a long walk, to get to the bus services that go west. It's not practical for people with mobility issues, and is generally avoided even by fit school children (too many of whom get driven to nearby Lynfield College when this would help them to get there another way). Some people will be driving more, without this vital link, others will be more socially isolated.

Organised by Roskill Community Voice and your local Labour MP, Michael Wood.

Please sign the petition to add your voice.

How it will be delivered

UPDATE: Auckland Transport have agreed that they will be looking at whether or not they can add the 191 when they review the routes in the next few months. Great! FURTHER UPDATE: We won!

We will be presenting the petition to the Manager of Bus Services from Auckland Transport at 7 Commodore Dr, Lynfield, at 4.30pm on Thursday 30th August.

Thanks for all your support.

Mount Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • We need more logical, usable, considerate bus routes, not less.
  • The bus should be a continuation of the waikowhai service from Hillsborough road to lynfield to new Lynn will make it easy for more people mohamed
  • For the people of Lynfield (especially the elderly) to access the bank, pharmacy, doctor and library in BHB or New Lynn is important in keeping them connected totheir family and community.


2018-09-18 18:31:08 +1200

Petition is successful with 400 signatures

2018-08-29 14:21:15 +1200

Thanks for all your support - we will be presenting the petition to Auckland Transport tomorrow, Thursday 30th August, at 4.30pm outside 7 Commodore Dr, Lynfield.

2018-05-30 21:42:30 +1200

AT have indicated that it's likely the 191 would be included in the west routes, not central, so we're asking them about the timing on the review of that so we can get this petition in to that process. Although it starts in central (Lynfield) it would pass through west (Blockhouse Bay) and end there (New Lynn).

2018-05-28 18:46:38 +1200

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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25 signatures reached

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10 signatures reached

2018-05-20 20:44:07 +1200

Yesterday the Roskill Community Voice team were out on the streets of Lynfield seeking support door to door for this petition, and we'll be asking local shops to have it on their counter. Please get in touch if you can help to spread the word and collect signatures.