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To: Open letter in support of resource consent

Help Dame Sue Bagshaw build her Youth Hub

Help Dame Sue Bagshaw build her Youth Hub

We call on the Christchurch City Council to approve the resource consent for the Youth Hub Trust facility. This will provide much needed education, healthcare, mental health support, training, recreation and employment services to 10 to 25-year-olds.

Why is this important?

We are all concerned about our young people, and regular health services do not always provide the spaces they need. By signing this petition we show our support for Youth Hub Trust chairwoman Dame Sue Bagshaw who has worked her entire life toward the realization of a youth hub in Christchurch.

She has helped thousands of young people find a way through difficult periods in their lives. Now the dream is about to come true were it not for some people who do not understand the significance of such a facility and are trying to stop the project.

This new facility will provide day support as well as some temporary housing. For years we have understood the mental health issues in Christchurch due to a succession of disasters, the site was gifted to the trust and in my eyes the building will not particularly impact on the surroundings. Every town should have such an opportunity.

The facility will include 22 one-bedroom units, one four-bedroom and four three-bedroom units as well as accommodation for two supervisors and a site manager. To be eligible for housing the young people must be in education/training or looking for employment.

There will be a healthcare centre, office spaces for 13 different youth-related organisations, private and communal outdoor living spaces, a basketball court, cafe, events centre seating up to 200 people, a rooftop greenhouse and indoor recreation and art space.No alcohol or drugs will be allowed and the Christchurch Methodist Mission will manage the housing.

Please sign this petition so the trust can present this to the Christchurch council as support for their plans.

How it will be delivered

The signatures will be handed to the trust in support of their plans

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