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To: The Local Government Commission

Golden Bay Local Board: local decisions by local people

We, the undersigned, want effective and efficient local decision-making by local people, and request the Local Government Commission to investigate the possibility of a Golden Bay Local Board, with more powers to make local decisions than the present Community Board.

Why is this important?

Golden Bay is defined as an 'isolated distinct community' under the Local Government Act, requiring specific political representation. This is due partly to its geographic remoteness (2 hours drive from the District Council offices), but also to its unique culture, history and social values arising from a close relationship to its pristine natural environment, diverse peoples and communities, and other socio-economic difference to the wider Tasman region.

The Tasman District Council continues to make decisions over Golden Bay's local governance issues which do not reflect our community's local knowledge, customs and interests. TDC has refused to delegate powers to the GB Community Board (the community's elected representative body) as required within the spirit of the Local Government Act, and often ignore its recommendations. This lack of local democracy negatively impacts our community's ability to optimise our current and future well being.

One example of the negative impacts from the lack of local democracy is TDCs decision making over a local recreational facility (a grandstand).* TDC voted to demolish the facility, ignoring the Community Board recommendation to retain the historic building highly valued by a significant section of the community. After $200,000 in legal costs and much public protest (reported in the national press) TDC rescinded their decision but continue to frustrate local community efforts to cost-efficiently maintain this building for community use.


How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered to the Local Government Commission as support for an application for change in local representation under the Local Government Act 2002.

Golden Bay, New Zealand

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