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To: Minister of Education Chris Hipkins

Support Out of Hours Music and Art Schools (OOHM) Staff for better working conditions

Support Out of Hours Music and Art Schools (OOHM) Staff for better working conditions

24th September 2019

Dear Minister Hipkins,

We urge you to address issues that we have not been able to amend as currently there is no available contact at the MOE who is able to assist OOHM music schools.

1.Bring wages and conditions in line with the current 2019 Adult and Community Education Collective Agreement. (ACE). OOHM staff have not had any changes to their working conditions since 2003.
2.Give OOHM staff the same rights as any staff member in the ACE collective. We ask OOHM is included under the coverage clause in the collective agreement of the ACE.
3.Reinstate a contact person at the MOE for OOHM music schools. We ask that staff at OOHM be given the opportunity to have fortnightly payments in line with other staff at schools rather than the current term payments.
4.Review the current Novopay systems for OOHM schools. Currently School administrators are unable to access or view employee information for OOHM staff within the Novopay systems.
5.We also ask that you consider a system where schools who are in need of additional hours of funding have the means to apply directly to the MOE.

Thank you for addressing these matters. Please ensure we have a bright future for music and art in New Zealand.
For more information please contact:

Michael Greenwood
Supervisor of Marshall Liang Music School for the past 5 years
021 815 150 |
Khalia Strong
Supervisor of Glenfield Music Centre for the past 12 years
021 932 623 |

Why is this important?

Out of Hours Music Classes (OOHM) have been a longstanding part of our music and art community in New Zealand for the past fifty years. Access to funding from the MOE ensures that public music schools deliver opportunities for young children in New Zealand to have a chance at learning a musical instrument without financial burden.
Emerging research confirms the importance of music and arts as key factors in a child’s education and well-being. Children are known to perform better at other subjects at school if they are learning a music instrument or participating in art, as well as improved social interaction, confidence and emotional expression.
The Ministry of Education currently facilitates funding to around 150 schools in New Zealand who, through the OOHM scheme, employ hundreds of tutors who deliver music and art tuition to thousands of school children.
Many of our current OOHM are operating in excess of their funding to cope with increasing demand and have to turn students away. More families are turning to OOHM schools for music lessons for their children, because they cannot afford the costs of private tuition.

How it will be delivered

I am planning to deliver the petition in person on the steps of Parliament.

Reasons for signing

  • It's a good cause
  • These music lessons has helped my daughter be more confident at the same time she is learning a skill for life. It's all thanks to the teacher's and we support their petition.
  • The OOHM programme has been desperately in need of attention for many years. The situation is now urgent, it would be irresponsible not to act.


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