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To: Victoria University of Wellington

Get Victoria University Fair Trade Accredited!

Get Victoria University Fair Trade Accredited!

We're calling on the Victoria University Council to make VUW a Fair Trade Accredited University.

Why is this important?

Fair trade has wide-reaching benefits for disadvantaged producers in developing countries, including commitments to fair wages, environmental protection, gender equality, community development projects and policies against forced and child labour. As students, we want our university to stand with us in our belief that our purchases should empower rather than exploit.

Read more about the benefits of fair trade at:

University of Otago, University of Canterbury and Otago Polytechnic are all Fair Trade Accredited - all we need is for the University Council and VUWSA to pass a resolution in support of fair trade!

Other requirements include that fair trade products are readily available at at least 30% of on-campus retail outlets (already achieved!), that a Fair Trade Steering Group be established, that fair trade tea and coffee be the default in university meetings and in 50% of department kitchenettes and staffrooms and that fair trade is promoted within the university.

All these conditions are achievable and the Victoria Development Society is working hard to raise awareness on campus of the incredible benefits of fair trade for both producers and consumers. Sign your name and show Victoria University that students care about the people that make our everyday goods!

How it will be delivered

We'll be presenting the petition to Uni officials following Fair Trade Fortnight.

Victoria Development Society is a club on campus that seeks to empower students by raising their awareness of global issues, including human rights, fair trade and sustainable development.

Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • To spread awareness :)
  • fair wages and environmental protection


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