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To: Hon. Gerry Brownlee - Minister for EQC

Fund GeoNet to provide 24/7 hazard monitoring

In December 2016 the Government announced an increase in GeoNet's funding dedicated towards developing a monitoring centre

Fund GeoNet to provide 24/7 hazard monitoring

We're calling on the Minister to adequately fund GeoNet so they can provide a 24/7 monitoring centre to provide scientifically informed timely and clear advice to New Zealanders immediately after natural disasters like the recent Kaikōura earthquakes and resulting tsunami.

Why is this important?

Getting early and clear tsunami and other disaster warnings and advice saves lives. But GeoNet, New Zealand's official source of geological hazard information is not funded to provide 24/7 staffed monitoring.

In the wake of recent quakes and tsunamis, GeoNet's Director Dr Ken Gledhill, made a strong case for funding this essential service:

"Because we do not have a 24/7 monitoring centre we have to wake people and get them out of bed to look at complex data and make serious calls very quickly. It is not an ideal situation given the past few months and I’d like to change that by getting support for a 24/7 monitoring centre for geohazards. I’m going to be blatant in my campaigning for this, because I think we need a 24/7 monitoring centre to respond to these kinds of events."

GeoNet does an incredible job with the resources they have. But, this is a clear and reasonable plea from the director of this essential public service, and it's time to listen.

Add your name to the petition to show your support for GeoNet, and let the Government know this should be a funding priority.


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WIN! Minister Brownlee has just announced a $3m funding boost for GeoNet:

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