To: House of Representatives, Broadcasting Minister Claire Curran & Minister of Finance Grant Robertson

Fix the broken promise: Fund RNZ and NZ on Air

We call on the Government to fix their broken promise and boost funding for public interest media to at least $38 million per year as announced in December 2017 rather than the $14 million announced in Budget 2018.

Well-funded public interest journalism is what’s needed to protect and enhance our transparent democracy.

Why is this important?

The Government has broken its promise to boost funding for public interest media by $38million extra funding.[1]

Instead, it has only allocated $15million to fund the recommendations of the interim commission on public broadcasting.[2] That’s a drop in the bucket.

Well funded quality public interest journalism is critical to make sure we enhance our transparent democracy. It’s been underfunded for decades and the Minister had promised to fix that. Yet the Government has broken that promise.

Now is the time to call on the Government to fix that promise.

Sign the petition to fix the broken promise and fund RNZ and NZ on Air.

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