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To: Phil Twyford, Minister of Housing

Fix Renting

Dear Minister, please implement the Plan to Fix Renting and its 36 recommendations that will make life better for renters. Everyone deserves a home that is safe, healthy, affordable and stable, and the ability to stand up for our rights. People who rent should be no exception. Please make this a reality by reforming New Zealand’s renting laws and putting this Plan into action.

Why is this important?

Everyone deserves a home that is safe, healthy, affordable and stable. The half of New Zealand who lives in rental accommodation should be no exception.

But our rental market is broken. Too many renters find that their homes are unsafe, unhealthy, unaffordable and insecure and their existing rights are poorly enforced.

This year the government will review tenancy laws, giving us a once-in-a-decade opportunity to call for the reforms renters need.

To seize this moment, Renters United has developed a Plan to Fix Renting. Last year we heard from over 600 renters who shared their experiences in the People’s Review of Renting ( We have listened to their stories and consulted experts to develop 36 recommendations that will make life better for renters.

The Plan proposes solutions in four areas:

1) Stable homes, so renters can feel secure
➡️ We recommend an end to no-fault evictions and a shift to indefinite tenancies as the norm.
➡️ We also recommend that renters be allowed to keep pets and make their house a home through reasonable changes – like hanging pictures on the wall.

2) Fair rent, so homes are affordable
➡️ We recommend rent be increased only once per year and by no more than the Consumer Price Index in the preceding 12 months.

3) Safe and healthy homes, so renters live healthy lives
➡️ We recommend that every home be required to comply with the He Kainga Oranga rental Warrant of Fitness, enforced by local councils.

4) Meaningful enforcement, so renters can stand up for their rights.
➡️ We recommend reforms to the Tenancy Tribunal, funding of tenant advocacy services, and licensing and regulation of all property managers.

Read the full Plan at

We call on the Housing Minister to implement the Plan so we can fix renting.

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