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To: The Prime Minister and his Cabinet

Equal Pay - It's Time

This petition has been delivered to Parliament. Fingers crossed!! We'll keep you updated.

New Zealand’s on the verge of a move that’ll put us back on the forefront of gender equity. But we need your help to send a strong message about Equal Pay.

People who work in jobs that have traditionally been done by women are often underpaid, because their work isn’t valued as highly as similar jobs mostly done by men.

Kristine Bartlett is an aged care worker who’d had enough of doing hard, demanding work for the minimum wage – and she took her case all the way to the Supreme Court.

It’s now clear the Equal Pay Act applies to work of equal value.

After the Bartlett case, unions, business and the Crown formed the Joint Working Group on Pay Equity.

It’s now submitted its recommendations to Cabinet about the process employees should go through if they feel they’re undervalued – and how the real value of their job should be assessed.

Cabinet says it’s considering the recommendations.

We want them to accept and implement all the Joint Working Group’s recommendations, in full.

Why is this important?

This is a historic opportunity to do the right thing by the women – and men – doing low-paid and crucial work.

Join us and make a stand for equal pay. Because It’s Time.


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