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To: Hon Simon Bridges

Fair Play for Public Holidays

This campaign has ended.

The Holidays Act 2003 is confusing and unfair when it comes to Public Holidays, and needs updating. Currently, Monday to Friday workers are guaranteed 11 paid days off each year under the Act, but people who work shifts and weekends are often left out. All workers should be entitled to the same Public Holiday benefits, regardless of what days they work.
Easter Sunday should also be made a Public Holiday rather than just a restricted trading day. Many people have to work on this important cultural day and currently get no compensation other than their regular pay, and if they want to take the day off, get no pay or have to use annual leave.

Why is this important?

Shift workers deserve the same rewards as Monday to Friday workers! At the moment, Monday to Friday workers get 11 paid days off a year, via Mondayisation if a public holiday falls on a weekend, and because many holidays fall on a Monday. If they have to work on the public holiday they are guaranteed a day in lieu and time and a half. They are never required to work on Easter Sunday.
Meanwhile, as an example, Mary the shift worker works a 4 on, 2 off roster. If her normal days off happen to fall on a public holiday, she doesn't get any extra paid days off as would happen for a Monday to Friday worker through Mondayisation. It would just be a standard week's wage and no extra time off. Too bad for her!
Or, Brian works Tuesday to Saturday every week and misses out on an extra paid day off every time there's a Public Holiday on a Monday.
And Harry works Sundays to Thursdays so has to work Easter Sunday on his normal rate but misses out on having Good Friday as a paid holiday as it's his regular day off.
Is that fair? And how fried is your brain? Wouldn't it be better to just give everyone the same number of paid Public Holidays every year, whether in lieu or on the day?
There are many people out there working weekends and crazy routines in order to keep our essential services going. They deserve at least the same number of paid days off a year as Monday to Friday workers, or fair compensation for working on important calendar days.

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • Im sick of hard working kiwis getting screwed over for profit .
  • I agree that all workers should be entitled to the same Public Holiday benefits


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