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To: Principals, Boards of Trustees, Ministry of Education, Senior leadership teams

End Teen Violence

End Teen Violence

We want schools to lead the conversation, as most of our youth are in schools and can be educated about this issue of violence. We want to normalise conversations about teen violence within schools and communities.

This needs to be talked about openly so we can do something about it, and help prevent further damage to our youth.

Dear Schools, educate our youth and help them.

Why is this important?

Our aim is to raise awareness, educate children in schools and talk about this issue so that we can provide help for those who have experienced or are going through violence, and hopefully prevent it too.

We believe that this issue needs to be talked and normalised in conversations at schools because this issue is prevalent, and is hurting our youth.

Violence is rooted from several factors, such as systematic poverty, family issues, experiencing violence at home and many more. Research shows that teen violence is more prevalent in Maori and Pasifika youth.

Although the numbers have decreased, the seriousness of the offences still remain high. "...the reduction in offending rates for European and other ethnicities far outstripped young Pasifika and Maori, who dropped by 61% and 59%...Youth offending in the European/other category fell by 74%". []

For many of us it affects us personally where families have lost their children to teen violence

How it will be delivered

We will first talk to our school about this issue, then later email other schools the signatures, from there we would like to introduce a programme where kids can come together and talk about their experiences and make groups to raise awareness within their own schools.

Auckland, New Zealand

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