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To: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Hon Nanaia Mahuta

End Islamophobia in India!

We call upon the government of Aotearoa New Zealand to speak out to the government of India about their apathy towards the atrocities being committed against Indian Muslims.

We also ask the New Zealand government to condemn the hate speech against Indian Muslims that is prevalent in the media in India right now.

Why is this important?

This kind of hatred is often the beginning of worse and worse actions against minority groups which, if left unchecked, could ultimately lead to genocide. So far, young Muslim women have been prevented from attending colleges in India, due to new rules requiring them NOT to wear their hijabs. Men have been attacked in the street with machettis. Muslims have been abused for buying and selling beef. Things will get worse if they remain unchecked. There is already talk of preventing Muslims from attending Friday prayers.
Further, hatred and division of this kind will not benefit anyone in India and will have ripple negative effects around the globe. This has already begun, with Middle Eastern and Muslim countries placing sanctions on India and expelling non-Muslim Indians from their countries.

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