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To: The Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction 2018 Oranga Tāngata, Oranga Whānau

Create a framework for Therapeutic Villages

Create a framework for Therapeutic Villages

To Members of the Inquiry:

Please create a framework for assisting and funding community efforts to establish "Villages" that will create positive relationships beyond those provided by professional specialised treatment.

A therapeutic village is a way of creating a loving environment for people when connections have broken down.

See the full proposal here:

Why is this important?

Great people in mental heath and community agencies do good work (often with not enough funding) but then they need to terminate once they have done all they can in their specialty.

e.g. Counselling for someone who has no home to go to.

Then people return to their old problematic ways. This can happen in addiction, domestic violence and mental health, child support.

e.g. Mother and baby are now well bonded after specialist care, but there is conflict with the father and poverty.

Isolation creates despair and harms people. "it takes a village to raise a child".

The proposal is that a framework is developed by government for the establishment of a series of therapeutic villages. Such villages will support families and individuals who are already receiving a variety of care. They can also perform a preventative function.

In essence the therapeutic village is group of people with strong bonds developed through shared significant experiences. Village cohesion comes through clearly defined village membership, village traditions of group work, village sports and cultural events, and the organic development of relationships between new and older members. On admission members will commit to attend regular meetings of the whole village.

Each village has its own character, based on its location, formation and the strengths of the leadership team. Each village will have its own name. The form these villages take will be quite diverse. With respect to pragmatic details there are many decisions to be made by the village initiators and the staff. Questions such as: What is the duration of the village membership? How are people encouraged to re-enter their original community? Are dependent on the purpose of the village at its initial conception and how the village evolves in practice.

How it will be delivered

Wednesday, 6 June, 2018 Update: The names of the people who signed the petition by 5 June have been added to the submission that was posted in.

The plan now is to have new numbers to present to the Inquiry when I meet with them in Christchurch Tuesday 3 July.

The Inquiry will not report back until October and so it makes sense to send the final numbers to the Inquiry and the Government by the end of September - so read the submission! Sign and spread the word.

Reasons for signing

  • This is something I have been seeing as the missing link for so many people!


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