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Let's Get Mental Health Education in All NZ Schools

Let's Get Mental Health Education in All NZ Schools

We call for compulsory preventative mental health education in the New Zealand high school curriculum covering these key areas:

-Causes and symptoms of common mental health issues
-How to support those experiencing mental distress
-Available pathways for help
-Positive wellbeing actions

Students need to be exposed to this every year all the way up to year 13.

Why is this important?

We want to see a happy, healthy and productive New Zealand.

One of the biggest barriers to this is our widespread problems with mental health. In fact, one in five New Zealanders will be diagnosed with a mental health problem this year, but there is a huge lack of knowledge about prevention, and recovery in the general population.

Current school programmes focus on counselling and only allude to wellbeing in the context of physical health, but this is educating too little and intervening too late.

Furthermore, Health is only compulsory in the curriculum up to Year 10, meaning that they may face the stressful times of NCEA and transition out of school without enough support to their Mental Health. Better trained teachers and/or external providers need to deliver clear and consistent messages about mental health.

"I faced a lot of distress at the end of high school, and I blamed my friends, my parents and especially myself before I realised that there might be an underlying cause to my extended distress, and even then I was hesitant to ask for help because I feared judgement. So many of my friends have stories like this, and I strongly believe that good education for all young people will encourage them to seek help sooner and improve outcomes long term."

All young Kiwis need to know how to best keep themselves well and support each other, and we believe a comprehensive mental health curriculum in schools will help to achieve this.

More information

NZ youth suicide twice Australia’s

Suicide accounts for a third of all deaths in those aged 15-24

Reasons for signing

  • There are a lot of confused and lost young people out there that no one is bothering about
  • I work in mental health. There's lots of great knowledge out there about how to improve wellbeing, and everyone should be taught this info. It's time to focus on being proactive and working on prevention.
  • A lot of teens I work with have anxiety; more info for them on strategies for coping with this would be helpful.


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