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To: The Government - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Hon Jan Tinetti and Hon Priyanca Radhakrishnan.

Close the gender and ethnic pay gaps: Make pay gap reporting mandatory for businesses in New Zealand

Close the gender and ethnic pay gaps: Make pay gap reporting mandatory for businesses in New Zealand

Now more than ever we must act to close our gender and ethnic pay gaps.

We all know that information and transparency are powerful. That’s why we urge the Government to make big employers report their pay gaps.

International evidence shows that mandatory reporting can reduce gender pay gaps by between 20-40 percent. It’s worked overseas. When countries like the UK did this, wages for women went up. For example, we estimate if similar rules were applied here, it could mean up to an extra $35 dollars a week in pay for women.

In these tough times, every dollar counts. We can’t afford to wait any longer. Pay Gap reporting is as simple as requiring them to publish each year the difference between what male and female employees earn and what the pay gaps are between different ethnicities.

This simple law change can put more money into the pay packets of many who are discriminated against in the workplace simply because of gender or ethnicity. We need to see action on this issue now. #NotAnotherWinter

Why is this important?

The soaring cost of living is taking its toll on families across Aotearoa, made worse as winter’s heating bills also begin to bite on household incomes.

Many women and people in our Māori, Pasifika and other ethnic communities earn much less than they would if they were a Pākehā man. That’s not fair. It’s not the Kiwi way. The playing field is tilted against too many.

That means the challenges of making ends meet at a time when the weekly grocery and petrol bills are a growing burden for many.

Requiring big employers to report pay gaps will help reduce child poverty and help end discrimination that impacts on the nation’s wellbeing: the aspirations of Māori, of Pasifika; of other ethnic groups.

Aotearoa, we're asking you to stand alongside us as we call for action on this important issue. Please add your voice to our call for urgent action. #NotAnotherWinter

How it will be delivered

We will present this to Government officials.

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