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To: New Zealand Government

Let’s protect our children from harmful online content!

We ask that the House of Representatives require (mandate) Internet Service Providers to filter rape porn, child sex abuse material (CSAM), bestiality, and slavery porn.

Why is this important?

We all want kids to grow up confident with the skills they need to build good, healthy lives. But right now, it is too easy for our kids to stumble across disturbing content on the internet that puts their wellbeing at risk and erodes their abilities to build healthy relationships. While this content is illegal, there is no accountability for the internet service providers to ensure they filter and remove it.

For too long, nothing has been done about this. And it’s causing real harm to children in Aotearoa.

“My daughter’s friend was told by a boy at school recently that if he saw her walking home from school, he would rape her and beat her. They’re 11, in their first year of intermediate school”. Parent, Auckland, September 2023.

“My child recently took part in a trending challenge where kids watch the most horrific objectionable material until they puke, or can’t watch anymore. It was traumatising and much of it was abusive content”. Parent, NZ, 2023.

“My 13 year old is really open with me. He has been airdropped so many objectionable videos that he has become desensitised. As an example, recently he was sent a video of someone being killed. He was also sent a graphic sexual video of a child, a student in New Zealand, in a sexual act. I have seen and reported some of the content and it is shocking, it’s enough to make your blood curdle”. Parent, NZ, September 2023.

There are simple solutions that the government can take to ensure that the internet is a safe space for our children.

This is why we are calling for Internet service providers to filter out harmful content such as child sexual imagery and real *not simulated* sexual abuse content. This content is illegal and objectionable under Section 3 of the FVCP Act 1993. But there is nothing in place to prevent it being accessed.

Many of us assume that illegal sexual content is being “filtered out” by Government or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or, at least, that it is difficult for children to access. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The Government has a filter. But it is blocking less than 2000 URLs of child sex abuse material. Other countries and companies use advanced technology to block up to 30,000 known CSAM sites on any given day.

From a simple online search we have found live links to the following:
• "Rape sex porn” gives 14.6 million results
• “Bestiality porn" 143 million* results (November results up from 39million in April 2023)

There has also been a 1058% increase in known sexual images of children aged 7-10 online since 2019. Technology and regulation has not kept up with this dramatic increase.

Together, we can show the Government that New Zealanders care about our children and they need to take action today.

Sign this petition and share your voice, to ensure a safer online space for our tamariki!

How it will be delivered

We will be delivering our Parliamentary Petition to the Government through the Select Committee. The petition ends December 5th, 2023.