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To: Minister of Housing Hon Megan Woods

Call to action on housing in Kāpiti

Call to action on housing in Kāpiti

We are calling on Kāinga Ora to immediately purchase land and construct new permanent rental accommodation in Kāpiti for all groups affected by homelessness including youth, families, disabled people, and older people. This includes easier access to Emergency Housing and providing support services for people made homeless including one on one advocacy person's homeless experience.

Why is this important?

The 240 houses that Kāinga Ora has across the District are not enough to house long-term homeless people, let alone the growing number of people who are coming onto the list. This includes people who formerly rented in the private sector and who have been given notice to leave their homes as landlords have decide to sell their properties.

Even if there was an adequate supply of private sector accommodation, the exorbitant rents mean that people simply can't afford to meet that cost.

There is strong support for this call for action across the entire Kāpiti population. Young people who can't afford to leave home; families with children who move in with their parents because they can't afford the rent demanded; an 85-year-old who has lived in the same unit for 17 years being given notice because the landlord is going to rent to a family member; working single people who can't afford a one bedroom flat - the scenarios come thick and fast and we hear them all.

Kapiti Coast District, Wellington, New Zealand

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