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To: Wellington City Council

#BringThemDown - William and Edward Wakefield monuments, street names and public dedications.

#BringThemDown - William and Edward Wakefield monuments, street names and public dedications.

To: Wellington City Council

We call on you to remove all monuments, street names, and public dedications to William and Edward Wakefield.

We call on you to replace these monuments, street names and public dedications with names or narratives decided by tangata whenua.

Why is this important?

Edward and William Wakefield were imprisoned for three years in England for abducting a 15 year-old girl. Edward established and William led the New Zealand Company which swindled land out of Māori hands and promoted the systematic colonisation of Aotearoa.

Currently, there is a bronze bust of Edward Wakefield at Mt Victoria, a concrete structure at the Basin Reserve dedicated to William Wakefield, Wakefield Street, and other public dedications.

We must stop elevating colonial narratives like these because in doing so, we condone them. We must elevate the kōrero of tangata whenua. These must be removed.

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Reasons for signing

  • These memorials commemorate two men whose New Zealand Company didn’t just dispossess Māori. It also recreated the English system of industrialists and landlords ruling over a class of tenant labourers. For most Wellingtonians, that’s nothing to celebrate. Māori and tauiwi can come together in removing these statues. It can be a sign that this colonisation will one day be undone and Aotearoa will be finally freed from capitalism.
  • It is time to begin decolonizing Wellington and other urban centers. Our cities should be for all!


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