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To: Ann Tolley Minister of Social Development

Bathroom Facilities for WINZ Clients

WINZ offices throughout New Zealand do not provide bathrooms for their clients to use while waiting for appointments.

People who are clients of WINZ include disabled people, elderly people and parents with small children. They also include job seekers who attend job search meetings and seminars. These people require bathroom facilities on site and require access to facilities like disabled toilets and baby change stations. It is inhumane that WINZ does not provide this.
Please sign this petition so we can send it to Anne Tolley, the Minister of Social Development, and allow these people to get their dignity back.

Why is this important?

Every now and then we need to use a bathroom. It is simply inhuman that WINZ offices does not offer bathroom facilities to the people that come to its premises for appointments with WINZ Case Managers, Seminars and the likes and that there are no bathroom facilities for any of the clients.
This is not best business practice and it is not healthy.

New Zealand

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