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To: National Council of AA New Zealand

AA New Zealand - improve representation of members and all road users

AA New Zealand - improve representation of members and all road users

Dear AA NZ National Council
Please put in place specific policies to aim for, encourage and measure greater diversity on your National Council and those you appoint to the Board.

The members of both governance groups don't represent the diversity of AA members across the country and don't represent the diversity of road users.

Why is this important?

It's really important that New Zealand's largest non-government democratic organisation reflects the diversity of the membership.

The AA has more than 1.4 million members throughout New Zealand, and yet the present Board is 100% male.[1]

While the National Council is elected from active members, the organisation should be doing much more to encourage members belonging to groups under-represented on the National Council and Board - particularly women, Maori and members of other ethnic and cultural groups, people with disabilities and younger people.

This lack of representation means the needs of its membership are not truly being met and the organisation is not meeting its full potential.

AA is an important institution in New Zealand, a powerful lobby group with a long history and huge potential to do good for the country. In advocating for a better and safer driving environment for New Zealanders it is crucial it is talking to all its members.

The priorities of the organisation need to be guided by the needs of all communities - and people with more diverse backgrounds at the governance will level create better outcomes for members and the country as a whole.[2]

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Reasons for signing

  • Diversity is key - without it we go nowhere & you AA won't perform as well as you can without it - We know this - but now the data is in to back it up. Stay lame or get in the game.


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