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To: House of Representatives



We call upon the New Zealand Government to triple the Refugee Quota to invite 4500 people seeking refuge to settle in New Zealand, and immediately lift the ban on refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

Why is this important?

Aotearoa's Muslim community has suffered a devastating terrorist attack. It's motivation has been to destroy lives, families and divide us.

New Zealanders from all walks of life call upon our politicians and leaders send a clear message to our refugee and migrant communities: they are wanted, they are not blamed and, they are welcome here.

We call upon the Government of New Zealand to affirm this message with action and, triple New Zealand's refugee quota and lift the ban on refugees from the Middle East and Africa, effective immediately.

In 2018 the quota was raised to 1500 from 750, due to come into effect in July 2020. This is still a tiny number and to raise to 4500 is the least New Zealand can do as a country.

Let's say it loud and clear, refugees and welcome, racists are not.


How it will be delivered

Deliver to Grant Robertson, MP for Wellington Central


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