To: Dunedin City Council

The Right to Walk

For the Council to fully pedestrianise the sections of George Street which have and are being renovated.

Why is this important?

Dunedin city centre should prioritise walking as a carefree right and allow retailers to thrive off a steady flow of safe, comfortable, and eager customers. The current renovations on George Street have made progress towards this ideal, but they have been undermined by the decision to permit car travel between the pedestrian zones. Cars will only cause congestion and damage to the tiled road surface, resulting in great harm both for retailers, who have endured a pandemic on top of everything else, and pedestrians. Given that the city has survived without direct vehicle transit through George Street for many months now, it is self evident that cars are not needed within the city centre.

We call on the Dunedin City Council to change its approach and fully pedestrianise the renovated George Street once it is reopened. In doing so, pedestrians can safely enjoy their town and retailers may enjoy a steady flow of foot traffic to support their small businesses.
Let’s keep the charm of our inner city by making it car free, sign the petition if you agree!
Dunedin, New Zealand

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