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To: Silver Ferns, Netball NZ and Carole Maddix NNZ President

Tell the Silver Ferns to drop PUMA

Tell the Silver Ferns to drop PUMA

Silver Ferns, Netball NZ, and Carole Maddix NNZ President - Please don't renew your partnership with PUMA, until PUMA end their sponsorship of the Israel Football Association.

Why is this important?

We're signing this petition as fans of the Silver Ferns, but not fans of your partnership with PUMA. We love your commitment to sport, to fair play, diversity and inclusion. But that's not true of your partner.

PUMA is the only international sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA) which includes teams in Israel’s illegal settlements built against international law on occupied Palestinian land.

Israel’s military occupation forcibly expels Palestinian families from their homes to give way to illegal settlers. Recent violent expulsions of Palestinian families in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah featured in international news stories and led to world-wide protests, including in Aotearoa.

More than 200 Palestinian sports clubs have called on PUMA to end the sponsorship deal and thousands have emailed and tweeted at PUMA pledging to boycott the company until it ends sponsorship of the Israel Football Association.

After Israeli forces murdered 256 Palestinians, including 66 children, in Spring of this year, PUMA’s celebrity endorsers sent messages in support of Palestine on social media.

Forty years ago in Aotearoa, rugby fans took a stand against the apartheid South African regime by boycotting the Springbok tour. Today, as Aotearoa's national women’s netball team, we call on you to make us as proud of your values as we are of your athleticism. Take a stand for human rights and against Israeli apartheid. Drop your partnership with PUMA until PUMA stops sponsoring the IFA.


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Today is the Fifth global day of action against PUMA. To mark it Aubrey Bloomfield has published a short article on Aotearoa and the PUMA campaign:

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Please think about supporting the campaign for Palestinian rights by joining or donating to Justice for Palestine:

2021-09-06 13:31:21 +1200

Puma says it doesn't support illegal Israeli settlements. This virtual tour shows it does.

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Find out more about how to support the fifth international Day of Action against PUMA. Download and distribute our leaflets and placards:

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BDS movement #boycottpuma video made for International Women's Day.