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To: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Tell the NZ government to take a stand against death camps for gay men in Russia

Tell the NZ government to take a stand against death camps for gay men in Russia

More than 100 men have reportedly been arrested under suspicion of being gay in Chechnya, Russia. At least three men are reported murdered.

We call on you to urge Russia to investigate the detention and murders of (perceived) gay men in Chechnya, publicly condemn this violent persecution, demand an immediate halt to the violence against the LGBTI community within Russian borders and the release of those detained.

Why is this important?

Gay men are being kidnapped and killed in Chechnya, Russia.

More than 100 men have been arrested under suspicion of being gay. There are reports of people being tortured and beaten, as well as enforced disappearances, and abduction-style detention camps. At least three men have been murdered.

The official response from Chechen authorities is that "gay people do not even exist in Chechnya."

The international community urgently needs to act. We must investigate these atrocities and bring to justice all those responsible for the arrests, torture, and killings of gay men in Chechnya.

One of the roles of New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade is to provide advice to the New Zealand Government on international human rights issues and represents us at the UN.

According to MFAT's own website, "New Zealand has a strong history of protecting and promoting human rights both at home and internationally."

Now is the time to ensure those words are more than a good headline.

New Zealand has a rich trading relationship with Russia totalling $762 million (MFAT website, 2014). We must use this trading relationship as leverage to advocate for human rights for all.

Everyone deserves the right to life, love, freedom, safety and security.

Please help speak out against oppression by signing this petition and sharing with your friends.


An LGBT+ advocacy organisation, All Out, is running an emergency fundraiser to help the Russian LGBT Network evacuate and support gay men at risk of being captured and tortured in Chechnya. You can make a donation here:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand

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