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To: The Finance and Expenditure Select Committee

Support strong gun law reform for a healthy and safe Aotearoa

Thank you to everyone who added their name to our call for a safer Aotearoa. We have now sent the submission to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee.

We support the proposed law changes to ban military style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles, including a ban on related parts that can be used to convert firearms into semi-automatic weapons.

We also ask that the select committee ensure that the only exemptions to the ban are crucial.

In addition to the proposed changes we believe that more must be done to protect New Zealanders from the threats firearms pose to public safety.

Looking to the longer term, legislation should include:
-A ban on all private ownership of semi-automatic firearms and related parts that can be used to convert firearms into semi-automatic​s and large (>7) magazines.
-An amnesty or buy-back with compensation to owners of banned firearms.
-A register of all firearms.
-Three-year licensing of firearms owners (currently 10 years).
-A ban on firearms retailers’ / dealers’ advertising, promotions and sponsorships.

Following these immediate changes we believe to achieve lasting change in the firearms laws concerted action is needed:

-A cross party commitment to these basic gun control measures.
-Full consultation with citizens; not privileging the firearms community and police.

Why is this important?

The proposed assault weapons ban is now being considered by parliament.

The Finance and Expenditure Select Committee is hearing public feedback on the plans.

There is only a very short window for public submissions in order to pass these laws as quickly as possible.

There has already been vocal opposition to the ban from gun sellers and lobbyists. They will be organised and ready to oppose the proposed changes, and likely attempt to water them down.

We are asking you to add your name to our submission, and share your reasons that you want gun law reform, so that we can show there is broad public support for the proposed changes and further regulation.

Our submission is based on recommendations that were made by firearms researchers from the Department of Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington.



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