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To: House of Representatives

Stop multi-nationals profiting from our natural water resources

Stop multi-nationals profiting from our natural water resources

We ask that environmental impact and the impact of upholding Te Tiriti o Waitangi be included in the Overseas Investment Act legislation as 'substantial and identifiable considerations'.

We need changes made to the Act, which currently allows for profit to triumph over the sustained health of our people and our natural resources. A clear example of this is the 'approval on principle' of increased groundwater intake by Nongfu Springs Ltd and the subsidiary company Cresswell NZ Ltd.

Please consider the people your laws are designed to work for, and include factors that impact on the overall progress of our nation.

Why is this important?

Our Overseas Investment Act allows 'jobs, exports productivity and additional capital investment' to take absolute priority on any decisions made regarding our resources, natural or otherwise. These are apparently 'substantial and identifiable benefits'.

This petition is founded on the concept that the health of our waters, our planet (in respect to production methods of plastic bottles, access to groundwater, and bottles destined for landfill at the very least) our iwi, and in fact everyone who relies on things like water and planets to live well, factor in as 'substantial and identifiable' points of consideration.

There may be up to 60 jobs created over four years as a result of this operation, but at the risk of polluting sensitive land and further severing trust and relationships with tangata whenua. The 'jobs' and 'capital' arguments are the very same arguments employed again and again throughout history in spite of tangible damage to land and water, that often cannot be repaired. We are in the midst of a climate crisis, we are in a recycling and landfill crisis, and our waters are one of the most threatened aspects of the collective health of our country to date.

Over one billion litres of water each year hold infinite value in ways that cannot be measured in jobs and capital.

Let's not turn something pristine into a product that ultimately expands landfills, and further insults the deepest priorities we face right now, and let's prevent this from continuing to happen via outdated laws.

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  • Because this is so vital to our country our people our culture and our ecoystems and environment.


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