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To: Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council

Stop the 2017 Weapons Expo!

Stop the 2017 Weapons Expo!

We say no to the annual NZDIA conference (Weapons Expo) being held in Wellington.

We demand that the Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council do not allow any part of this city to be used to support or enable the weapons expo to occur.

Why is this important?

The Weapons Expo is an annual event for arms companies and the military to buy, sell and lobby for more weapons of war. Sponsors of the Expo include Lockheed Martin, currently the world's largest arms company manufacturing nuclear weapons. Local NZ companies such as MAS Zengrange, who make mortar firing devices, also attend to boost their profits from war.

Wellington City Council describes Wellington as the ‘coolest little capital’ and brands the city as being ’absolutely positive’. It also declared itself nuclear free in 1982, two years before NZ officially did. By allowing the Weapons Expo to be held in Wellington, the council is running contrary to any positive image it is trying to create. Further, it is making all its population tacit in supporting militarisation and war.

We, the undersigned, do not want the weapons expo to be held in this city and demand that the WCC do not allow any part of this city to be used to support or enable the weapons expo to occur.

We also ask that the WCC develop ethical guidelines for the booking of Council owned venues and we ask that these guidelines be promoted with non-council venues.

Peace Action Wellington is a grassroots community group working to oppose the weapons expo. We believe that it is not possible to build a peaceful and just world while simultaneously acquiring ever more weapons and doing more planning for war. This petition is an important part of our campaign this year to bring pressure on the government. Join the campaign for peace!

More information on the Weapons Expo can be found at

'Profiting from war' - New Zealand's weapons and military-related industry

Reasons for signing

  • As a campaigner against the UK arms fair, I am disgusted that so soon after our fair another one is taking place in Wellington, inevitably leading to more death and destruction globally. This immoral fair should be shut down permanently
  • I agree that it just not enough to talk about the peaceful world, to make it happen right measures need to be taken and willingness needs to be shown.
  • NZ should not profit from war


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