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To: Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and Conservation Minister Tama Potaka

Stand Up For the Conservation Lands in Your Care

This campaign has ended.

We are writing to ask you to stand up for the conservation lands in your care.
Please do not allow the NZ First Party MP and Minister for Resources, Shane Jones, to impose a free-for-all mining policy onto these lands, which have been set aside for future generations and biodiversity.
We need you to protect the important national values held in our mountains and forests and to recognise that the rare plants and animals need greater protection, not mining on and under their habitats.

Why is this important?

Whether these lands are called stewardship lands or Schedule 4 lands they are all part of the DOC estate and many areas contain rare species or act as buffers for their habitats.
We urge you to protect the waterways above and below ground and prevent the creation of thousands of tonnes of toxics waste containing heavy metals.
Climate change is already affecting the natural world and creating serious environmental stress.
To sacrifice species such as the 200 million old Archeys frog species so that overseas corporations can make large profits, is bad for the economy and our reputation.
You will recall that in 2010 40,000 people marched down Queen St in Tamaki to protest the proposed mining of conservation lands and National Parks.
There is no mandate for the destruction Shane Jones is determined to impose, in fact there is huge public support for protecting the natural world.
These places are too precious mine and we need leaders in Cabinet to actively protect them.
Coromandel Peninsula, Waikato 3591, New Zealand

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