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To: NZ Cricket

No Means No - Show NZ Cricket condemns sexual violence

No Means No - Show NZ Cricket condemns sexual violence

NZ Cricket should only select Black Caps that every New Zealander can feel proud to be represented by.

Scott Kuggeleijn's description of his own behaviour does not meet these standards - or the Players Association standards for sexual relationships. During his rape trials in 2016 and 2017, he told the court "I tried [having sex] twice, like she might have said 'no, no' a few times but it wasn't dozens of times."

In the #MeToo era, selecting men who think sexual acts are ok unless someone says no "dozens of times" is just not cricket. NZ Cricket must demonstrate they care about ethical integrity and respect for women by developing processes to ensure those who play for New Zealand will not

Why is this important?

Scott Kuggeleijn clearly demonstrated a lack of respect for women during his rape trials, and has failed to express any concerns over his behaviour since.

He was found not guilty, in cases which many New Zealanders watched via the media in absolute horror. How many times do women have to say no to sex, before we believe them?

When Scott Kuggeleijn is picked for New Zealand, what does this mean for cricket fans? Survivors of rape? What does this mean for women in New Zealand? And what does this mean for his team-mates?

Having sportsmen represent New Zealand's top teams who show these kinds of views is embarrassing, and in 2019, just unacceptable. Other countries have stopped selecting men with similar views
- India
- Ireland
- England

Our national team says something about all of us. C'mon NZ Cricket, show us that you're not part of New Zealand's sexual violence problem - and that you want the support of all New Zealanders.

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Reasons for signing

  • No means no!
  • Cricket fans do stop watching cricket until NZ Cricket does the right thing. Please encourage your Fathers/Brothers/Friends to do this.

 Until we say “enough! - let's truly support girls & women in NZ”, sexual violence will continue.
 A lifetime of trauma compared to a perpetrator being stood in front of the public as a type of hero - via sport or simply because they got off or minimised the impact they had on the survivor, is not what we should tell NZ it means to be a man.
  • When wrong is done it should be addressed properly and not swept under the carpet. In this situation the cricketer in question whilst being found "not guilty" - not innocent, has not addressed his attitude towards women and the issue of consent when relating to sexual interactions. New Zealand Cricket staying silent on this issue shows that they care more for the success of the team, rather than how the team and its members may be perceived by the collective audience it is trying to attract.


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