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To: The Nelson/Marlborough DHB, Health Minister David Clark, and PM Jacinda Ardern

Save The CAMHS Crisis Team

On Thursday 12 July Zoe went to Parliament to deliver her the petition to MPs Paul Eagle (Labour) and Gareth Hughes (Green). The petition will now go to Select Committee for discussion and she is hoping to meet the Health Minister David Clark.

You can still sign the petition to stay in touch with the campaign.

Save The CAMHS Crisis Team

To the Nelson/Marlborough DHB: keep the 24 hour dedicated CAMHS crisis service intact. We want you to stop plans to amalgamate the CAMHS crisis team with the adult team.

Why is this important?

The NMDHB has decided to get rid of the 24/7 specialist dedicated CAMHS crisis team.

The CAMHS crisis team is run by our local CAMHS (Child Adolescent Mental Health Service). It is a crisis line that young people can call any time of day or night and one of the CAMHS staff (with at least two years of specialist training) will help that young person if they are in crisis, for example, at risk of suicide. The crisis team will meet the young person face to face if need be, alert any relevant emergency services and provide support for the family of the young person as well.

The DHB in Nelson wants to run the dedicated CAMHS crisis team only during the day time. They want the after hours service to be covered by the adult crisis team. This is how Child and Adolescent crisis is handled in the rest of the country where the suicide rates are much higher.

Some of the current CAMHS staff have had two years specialist training in how to deal with children and adolescents needing mental health support. Concerns were raised staff in the all ages team would not have the same level of expertise. [1]

This is the only dedicated CAMHS crisis team in the country and over the 20 years that this team has been going, there have only been two suicides in the age band the team serves. This is much lower than anywhere else in the country.[2]

While the health board has allocated more funding to services to help those with mild to moderate depression, there could sometimes be a wait of up to six weeks before the person was seen.[3]

Removing the CAMHS crisis team is highly likely to result in more youth suicides in the Nelson area. This is contrary to the stated aims of the government to reduce youth suicides. Removing a service that saves lives for no clinically sound reason is a breach of human rights.

We need the public of Nelson and New Zealand to stand up for its young people.

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Nelson, New Zealand

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