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To: New Zealand Government

Save the Amazon - New Zealand Government to act!

Save the Amazon - New Zealand Government to act!

We urge the government of New Zealand to

a) Call on the government of Brazil to take immediate action to step up and address the issue immediately.

b) Commit whatever resources that are necessary ie financial material and human, to help with the emergency situation.

Why is this important?

We students and adults from all across NZ express strong concern about the situation in the Amazon rainforest.

The world is in crisis. The Amazon rainforest has been burning for over three weeks; it is so large we can see it from space. This is destroying the homes and livelihoods of many people, including Indigenous communities in the region. The Amazon rainforest has thousands of native species that are dying and being displaced as this fire rages. The Amazon produces 20% of the air we breathe, and has 40% of the world's rainforests. The Amazon rainforest holds 20% of the world's freshwater.

All of this is going up in smoke and if we don't act now, the whole forest could burn and it will impact our entire world. Protecting these forests are critical because of their crucial role as absorbers of carbon for the whole world. Given the urgency of the situation, we feel that the fires aren’t getting enough attention as it should be by the authorities within the country and require pressure and assistance by those outside of the country.

The following link provides more information about the issue

We urge the general public to stand with us and urge our leaders to act now to save the Amazon rainforest, as this is an issue that will have severe ramifications for the whole world if not addressed immediately.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons Jlwad under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

Reasons for signing

  • We need to look after the planet for our children
  • because it meanss alot to samatha
  • This is our life. If the Amazon kept on burning, and being destroyed, no species, not even human, would survive. Then, Earth will become a dead planet. So save our green planet before it is TOO LATE.


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