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To: Tauranga City Council Elected Members

Save the All Wheels Cruiseway Trial on Pilot Bay!

We did it!

We had a full gallery of supporters and read out all your excellent comments, and they ALL voted in favour of the trial. We swayed even the most resolute, it would have been pretty hard to vote against in that room I can tell you now!

Wonderful work everyone, and a special huge shoutout to all those who came in person, payback will be a leisurely, hassle free ride on a cycleway near you soon.

Bike Mount Team

Sign this petition by Sunday 8 April to tell Councillors the one-way system and all wheel cruise way trial at the Mount should go ahead.

Why is this important?

A trial for a proposed cycleway (“all wheels cruiseway” for skateboards, scooters jogging prams, wheelchairs etc) around Pilot Bay is at risk of not getting off the ground.
Councillors are voting next Monday 9 April whether to allow a six month pilot testing a one way route from Pilot Bay around Adams Ave to Maunganui Road to go ahead.
Currently there is a 50/50 split in support for this project from elected members. TCC transport team have researched this proposal and refined it to ensure it meets balanced needs of our community for both car users and cyclists, they believe as we do, that combined with connecting cycle routes, this will give options for local people to not bring their cars in to an already overloaded network.

The trial would create a 3 metre wide two-way cruise way, and only ONE less car parking space overall.

One concern of councillors is that this proposal will create more traffic congestion on Maunganui Road. We dispute this thinking. The provision of this cruiseway system provides the very cycling infrastructure that Tauranga residents are asking their Council to provide for them so they can move around the communities without their cars.

We need the community to tell Council there is much to gain with this proposal - from retailers who will enjoy increased sales, to the opportunity to reduce car congestion, to restoring the relaxed holiday vibe that makes Mount Maunganui one of the great destinations in New Zealand.
The other important thing to remember, is that this is a trial, so it can be adjusted and modified in response to issues. We do not see positive change in our community without making change, and a trial empowers people to have a say in the final outcome, while giving a new approach a chance.
Your support is vital to this petition, please sign and comment, if you live in The Mount, please briefly state this and how you and your friends and family would benefit.

Grateful thanks

Bike Mount
Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

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2018-04-09 15:08:57 +1200

Petition is successful with 235 signatures

2018-04-06 11:35:50 +1200

Hi everyone!
Thanks so much for signing the petition! If you can spare ten minutes on Monday the 9th at 1 pm, come to the Willow Street Council chambers. We have ten minutes to speak and it would be AWESOME if we can have everyone file through and give a personal reason for why they support this trial, if you don't want to speak, just come and show your support in numbers. This is the pivotal day, and it's not just about this small piece of road, but about giving new ideas a chance to see if they can make things better for everyone.
1 pm Monday, dependents welcome, it'll be on time, short and sweet and you can leave right after. The main hearing on the issue is not until 3:45 if you would like to get the full details, but we are not able to speak in this section, so you can come back for that later if you wish to hear the detail and comments from Councillors.
Bike Mount

2018-04-04 20:09:35 +1200

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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