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To: Wellington City Council

Safe crossing on Cobham Drive

Create a safe crossing on Cobham Drive, Evans Bay

Why is this important?

My older neighbours remember enjoying swimming at Evans Bay beach. And people gather there spontaneously but not safely, when dolphins - and recently even a whale - swim there.

But this is not safe as at the moment because the very busy four lanes of Cobham Drive divide the people living in neighbouring communities from Evans Bay.

We need a safe crossing so that:

- Kids from Miramar, Maupuia and the rest of the peninsula can get to school in Kilbirnie, and the ASB sports centre, safely and under their own steam.

- All people living in Rongotai, Kilbirnie, Lyall Bay and Melrose can again enjoy and look after their Evans' Bay waterfront,

- Maybe our kids will be able to swim there one day

- People in neighbouring areas can get to the peninsula and its new regional park safely on foot and by bike.

Please help us get to 100 signatures so that we can ask our local city councillors to prioritise this.

How it will be delivered

I will talk to my local councillors about the best way to do this.


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50 signatures reached

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