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To: Greater Wellington Regional Council

Restore all the Queen Elizabeth Park wetlands

Restore all the Queen Elizabeth Park wetlands

This is a joint submission to the Greater Wellington Parks Network Draft Plan, which includes the management of Queen Elizabeth Park, a public recreation reserve on the Kapiti Coast.

With respect to Queen Elizabeth Park, (QEP) we ask that Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC)
· does not graze or farm any peat or peaty land;
· that GWRC rewet all of the peatlands - up to 200ha - as soon possible; and
· assist the wetlands to restore themselves.

We ask that all drains be partially and sufficiently blocked immediately to stop emitting carbon and allow the wetlands to start their recovery.

Why is this important?

The protection of the Queen Elizabeth Park area is so important to the Wellington region for environmental, recreational, social and climate change reasons. Now we have the opportunity to increase the area of the protected environment and restore the wetlands.

The Wellington region has less than 3 percent of its original wetlands left. Drained and farmed peat emits huge amounts of carbon dioxide whereas rewetted peat will become a carbon sink so this action is consistent with GWRC declaring a climate change emergency.

It also reduces the need for chemical weed control as woody weeds such as gorse and blackberry cannot survive in wet earth.

Natural spaces in urban environments offer huge benefits to community well-being not to mention native flora and fauna.

By expanding the protected area we could set a precedent for the rest of the country to show what is possible. It could also become a significant education tool.

We've had some wins to protect what still exists, but we can do more! Add your name today and be part of this joint submission to show the public support to protect this special area.

See our previous petition at

Greater Wellington Parks Network Plan:

How it will be delivered

We will email this submission and signatures to the council before the consultation ends on October 23. Your name and postcode will be delivered to GWRC but no other details.

Kapiti Coast District, Wellington, New Zealand

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