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To: Associate Minister for the Environment, Hon Eugenie Sage

Responsible Packaging Now: Open Letter to Hon Eugenie Sage

Responsible Packaging Now: Open Letter to Hon Eugenie Sage

We the undersigned call for the Minister and Associate Ministers for the Environment to introduce legislation to guarantee that packaging associated with goods sold must be accepted by the retailer when a customer leaves or returns that packaging to the store.

Why is this important?

Consumers do not have consumer choice in packaging material associated with the products they purchase. They are usually left with difficult to recycle polystyrene, plastic bags and other packaging.

If consumers are guaranteed the ability to return all packaging material to the retailer where the product was purchased from, this would drive retailers to demand (from manufacturers) that products are encased in easy-to-recycle packaging materials.

Such laws were implemented in Europe during the 1990's, and have led to changes in community awareness and packaging. [1]

While some NZ retailers may currently accept such material when returned to them, consumers often lack confidence in returning packaging due to concerns that they may be refused.

Legislation guaranteeing consumers the right to return packaging would alleviate concerns, and encourage packaging to be returned for recycling or reuse.

The proposed legislation would ensure that those who have the greatest ability to affect change in packaging material types (retailers and manufacturers) assume responsibility for the costs associated with end of life management of the packaging, therefore driving change.

1. EUROPEAN PACKAGING POLICY The consequences of a deposit system for disposable packaging based on the German example

How it will be delivered

The open letter will be delivered to the House of Representatives in early August, at the conclusion of Plastic Free July.

Reasons for signing

  • If producers and retailers stop using so much packaging that will be far more beneficial than recycyling.


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