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To: Whanganui District Council

Remember on our streets the downfallen & erased founders of the Sarjeant Gallery / Te Whare O Rehua

We call on Whanganui District Council to address the wrongs of the past so the Sarjeant can celebrate its reopening in 2024 with the names of it’s architect and the mayor who championed the building.

We call on Council to name a street near the Sarjeant Gallery in Pukenamu / Queens Park after architect Donald Hossie.

We call on Council to restore Jelicoe Street to it's original name "Mackay Street" after Mayor Charles Mackay or name/rename a street near the Sarjeant or Council “Mackay Street”.

Why is this important?

OUR streets should recognize OUR stories and OUR whakapapa.
We want our city to reflect its people, past and present.That is why our streets should recognize our stories and our whakapapa.
Donald Hosie was the young architect of the Sarjeant Gallery who died fighting for his country in Passchendaele in 1917. Instead his boss's name appears because of a lie that Whanganui Council knew at the time to be false. Hossie deserves recognition and a street is a fitting way to do this.
Mayor Charles Mackay was the man who drove the vision and building of the Sarjeant. After his homosexuality was exposed, Mackay Street was renamed Jellicoe Street. In recent years his erased name has been reinstated to the Sarjeant foundation stone, his portrait rehung in Council Chambers, a 2022 book about his life published and in 2023 his office recognised as a Category 1 historic site by Heritage NZ. What remains outstanding is the erasure of “Mackay Street” from Whanganui maps.
Let us truly celebrate our community and honor the past of these two men who made the Sarjeant what it is now when the Sarjeant reopens in 2024.
To use the words of Henry Sarjeant do this "for the inspiration of ourselves and those who come after us".

Whanganui, New Zealand

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