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To: The House of Representatives

Introduce a bottle deposit scheme!

October 2019 A container deposit scheme trial has been announced!

The Kiwi Bottle Drive team delivered our petition to Parliament on December 2nd, 2018.

We handed over our petition, signed by 15,450 Kiwis (including offline signatures), to Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick with the support of her Parliamentary colleagues MP Gareth Hughes and Minister Eugenie Sage.

We want the government of Aotearoa New Zealand to initiate a bottle deposit scheme to prevent drink packaging waste. This would help stop plastic pollution while building a circular economy. Let’s make it happen!

Why is this important?

Almost a billion plastic bottles are being landfilled, littered or entering the oceans every year in New Zealand. Our communities and seas are precious so we want to stop this totally avoidable waste and pollution.

We can ensure effective recycling and reuse of all drink containers with a bottle deposit scheme. This will help stop the wasteful production of new plastic bottles and allow for existing plastic to be reused instead.

Bottle deposits (also known as container deposit schemes) give people a >10c refund on a bottle when they recycle it. This incentive creates a circular economy system that will easily double New Zealand’s recycling rates overnight! [1]

We had a system like this in Aotearoa NZ until the 1980’s, and ‘bottle drives’ were popular fundraisers for groups like the Scouts! When plastic bottles were introduced they created a throw away culture and the conditions for our current waste crisis,

Bottle deposit schemes are now taking off worldwide as a way to keep plastic out of the environment. It’s definitely time we got in on the game. Australia will have them in all states by the end of 2018 and Germany has achieved a 98% recycling rate on plastic bottles!

If we bring in a bottle deposit scheme, before we know it there’ll be less plastic on our beaches, the local kids will be fundraising by collecting bottles, and we’ll have created over 2,000 new jobs!

Bottle deposits will massively increase recycling rates and:
- Reduce plastic pollution in the sea
- Create over 2000 jobs
- Save councils and tax payers $26-40 million per year
- Reduce CO2 emissions
- Fund community groups
- Supplement low incomes
- Foster a sustainable, circular economy

Local councils are committed to introducing bottle deposits and a survey has shown 92% of New Zealanders agreed with them [2]. What are we waiting for?

The Ministry can bring in a refundable deposit scheme with a commitment to at least 85% recycling rates, under S2.23 (1)(c-e) of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. The legislation is in place, now we want it to be put into action!

Please sign the petition to tell the government - there's no more time to waste! Bottle deposits are common cents for recycling.

This petition is part of The Kiwi Bottle Drive, a broader campaign to get a bottle deposit scheme in NZ - get involved!


1. Envision; The Incentive to Recycle: A Container Deposit System for New Zealand (2015).

2. Time to bring back container deposit scheme



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