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Introduce a bottle deposit scheme!

Introduce a bottle deposit scheme!

We want the New Zealand government to initiate a bottle deposit scheme to control drink packaging waste and encourage greater recycling.

Why is this important?

Bottle deposit schemes (also known as container deposit schemes) are a simple, effective way to deal with plastic pollution, clean up our oceans and beaches and support our local communities.

It's simple; you get a 10c refund on a bottle when you recycle it and this incentive could nearly triple New Zealand’s recycling rates overnight! [1]

We had a system like this in Aotearoa NZ until the 1980’s, and ‘bottle drives’ were popular fundraisers for groups like the Scouts! This stopped when ‘disposable’ plastic bottles were introduced.

Bottle deposit schemes are taking off worldwide as a way to keep plastic out of the environment - Australia will have them in all states by the end of 2018 and Germany has achieved a 98% recycling rate on plastic bottles!

If we bring in a bottle deposit scheme, before we know it there’ll be less plastic on our beaches, the local kids will be fundraising by collecting bottles, and we’ll have created over 2,000 new jobs!

Bottle deposits will massively increase recycling rates and:
- Reduce plastic pollution in the sea
- Create over 2000 jobs
- Save councils and tax payers $26-40 million per year
- Reduce CO2 emissions
- Fund community groups
- Supplement low incomes
- Foster a sustainable, circular economy!

90% of local councils already love the idea of bottle deposits and a recent survey showed 92% of New Zealanders agreed with them [2]. So what are we waiting for?

The Ministry can bring in a refundable deposit scheme and commit to at least 85% recycling rates, under S2.23 (1)(c-e) of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. The legislation is in place, and all we need is action.

Please sign the petition to tell the government - there's no more time to waste! Bottle deposits are common cents for recycling.

This petition is part of The Kiwi Bottle Drive, a broader campaign to get a bottle deposit scheme in NZ - get involved!

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1. Envision; The Incentive to Recycle: A Container Deposit System for New Zealand (2015).

2. Time to bring back container deposit scheme

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