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To: Thames Coromandel District Council; Mayor Sandra Goudie; Gary Towler - Civil Defense; CDEM - Civil Defense Emergency Management

Activate the Emergency Sirens in our Community!

We the people, who care for the people in our Mercury Bay community require our emergency sirens to remain part of the emergency alert system.

Why is this important?

We have a shared vision of our Mercury Bay and surrounding areas that is safe, and feels safe in any emergency.

Emergency sirens are a crucial component of our alert system for the Community. A lot of thought, discussion and research went into implementing them. The elderly, parents, workers, school children, outlying areas - the Community relies on the sirens and they have been the most reliable medium to alert people.

Our Community cares, and many when hearing the sirens immediately act to assist others in need also.

Deactivating our sirens not only affects people’s lives, it actually puts them in jeopardy in critical situations. There have recently been 3 major earthquakes in a 6-hour period and our community was alerted three hours after the last earthquake of 8.1.

We request this decision be reversed and real community engagement is invited before the siren system is deactivated or any changes implemented. Community consultation is essential for everyone to feel safe and the best decisions made.

We understand the Council is also interested in safety and are also making decisions based on what's best for the community. We have heard that:
• 18 of the 27 sirens in our area are non-compliant with FENZ (Fire and Emergency) so have to be deactivated.
• The coverage is patchy due to nature of the hills.
• To get very good sirens will cost $5-6 million.

The Council wants to explain to communities that sirens have 44% coverage and phone alerts have 93%, which still leaves some people out, but they are going to launch education that you do not wait for advice - "if long and strong get gone" and help your neighbours.

We consider sirens an essential part of any emergency system for an empowered Mercury Bay community to ensure its safety.

Sign to bring our concerns to Council to keep our emergency sirens.

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