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To: Puhoi Pub New Zealand

Puhoi Pub - Say no to racism

Puhoi Pub - Say no to racism

Dear Bernie McCallion, owner of the Puhoi Pub

We ask that you remove the bullock horns from your premises as they represent inherently racist undertones, and invite you to make an apology to the communities offended as a result of this display.

Why is this important?

We agree our history needs to be known and understood in order to ascertain where we have come from, nevertheless, we also need to acknowledge our controversial colonial past and that the views of yesterday were demeaning, insulting and harmful to some. The mementos of that time should be acknowledged but not necessarily commemorated and promoted.

Racism is unfortunately alive in present day Aotearoa, just as it was 100 years ago. Casual racism is still racism. We live with the effects of colonisation every day and therefore we hold a deeper understanding of how history has disproportionately disadvantaged marginalised communities.

We need to be actively ensuring we promote positive environments that encourage inclusivity and diversity and maintain an anti-racist stance. We invite the Puhoi Pub to be an example in the way it shares its rich history with the general public.

We support the call from the Race Relations Commissioner to remove the bullock horns. We ask the Puhoi pub to celebrate its history in ways that cause no harm.

For more on the history of the naming of bullocks, Scott Hamilton:

Puhoi Pub renames its 'racist' bullock horns, calls backlash 'desperately stupid'


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