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To: New Zealand Rugby

Porirua College singers to lead the anthem at the next All Blacks test

Campaign created by
Ross Bell

NZ Rugby has been talking behind-the-scenes, since our petition began, with Le ART and their mentor Johnny Viliamu. Clearly they were as captivated by the young women's talent as we were.

NZ Rugby is excited to announce that sweet-sounding trio Anastasia Sirila, Rosetta Lopa & Tiresa Foma'i, Le ART, will sing at a domestic competition Final this year.

Their music mentor Jonny Viliamu has said, "It's perfect for them & they are so excited."

I'm excited too. So while it's not an All Blacks test, Le ART are really happy with the outcome. I reckon they'll blow everyone away, and we'll see them on bigger stages.

My final note is to you and the ActionStation community - thanks for supporting this petition and for backing those young women. It won't be the last time you hear about them!


Porirua College singers to lead the anthem at the next All Blacks test

Invite Porirua College students Tiresa Foma'i, Rosetta Lopa and Anastasia Sirila - a.k.a Le Art - to lead the national anthem at the All Blacks vs South Africa 15 September Wellington test match.

Why is this important?

Because those young women can sing!

But not only that. Tiresa, Rosetta and Anastasia are young people from Porirua who will be able to represent us all on the national stage at one of the biggest sporting events this year. They can show the strength, diversity and real-ness of our young people.

Who usually gets to decide who represents us? Just imagine, this could become one of *those* stories that captures the public mood. Where we're able, through our signatures, infiltrate the height of a professional sporting event (and all the pageantry that goes with an All Blacks test match) with raw, talented and classy people like these 3 young singers.

And this isn't to dis' the professional singers that NZ Rugby usually use at test matches. It's a chance for NZ Rugby to show its community-minded side, and to give an opportunity for these young, talented school students from Porirua to shine on a global stage - a real authentic voice of young New Zealand. Represent!

"The richness and beauty that's in their voices is part of the richness and beauty of this community." - Porirua College principal Ragne Maxwell

Check them out:

Porirua teens say key to good anthem is 'sing it with pride', Stuff, 28 June:


2018-07-11 16:09:08 +1200

Petition is successful with 2,840 signatures

2018-07-05 09:32:24 +1200

I turned away from the computer for a minute and now we have over 2,300 signatures. Thanks so much. But keep sharing the word - I reckon if we can hit 5,000 NZ Rugby will start to take notice. Thanks, Ross

2018-07-04 07:03:09 +1200

Wow! If you need another reminder why you signed this petition watch Le Art on TVNZ:

2018-07-03 14:51:31 +1200

This is worth a watch. It's not about the national anthem - but shows the evolution of the All Black's haka: It starts silly, then gets your spine tingling:

2018-07-03 14:14:16 +1200

Great coverage of the petition in the NZ Herald:

2018-07-02 10:30:50 +1200

1,000 signatures reached

2018-06-29 12:26:49 +1200

500 signatures reached

2018-06-29 09:12:26 +1200

Just over 400 first thing this morning. Let's hit 2000 by the end of today!

2018-06-28 13:48:02 +1200

100 signatures reached

2018-06-28 12:44:00 +1200

50 signatures reached

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25 signatures reached

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10 signatures reached