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To: New Zealand government

NZ: Stand against the Global Gag Rule!

NZ: Stand against the Global Gag Rule!

Dear Prime Minister,

President Trump has reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Rule, preventing NGO's from providing safe abortions, campaigning for safe abortions, or even mentioning abortion to patients outside the USA. This will increase the suffering of women who cannot obtain the health care they need. The harm will fall disproportionately on women of the Global South.

The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and other countries have come together to replace the funding the USA cut on the basis of the Mexico City Rule. New Zealand should stand with them and join their effort. We ask that New Zealand pledge to replace a share of the funding lost to the gag rule.

New Zealand was the first Western nation to recognise women's right to vote. New Zealand should carry on this tradition by standing up for the human rights and human dignity of all women who need reproductive health care in order to protect the lives of themselves and their families.

Yours sincerely

The Undersigned

Why is this important?

The Global Gag rule yanks the funding from reproductive health providers in developing nations who provide, or even dare to mention abortion. This will not stop abortions from happening, it will drive them underground, to the black market where patients face the risk of dying from unsafe, botched, septic abortions.

Under Trump, the rule forces the withdrawal of ALL funding from the offending NGO, not just the funding for reproductive health services. If you care about making sure people do not suffer needlessly, please sign the petition.

Thank you!


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