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To: House of Representatives

Make the Voting Age 16

Make the Voting Age 16

Extend the vote to 16 and 17 year-olds, for both Local and General Elections

Why is this important?

Make it 16 is a youth-led movement advocating for more people’s voices to count in our democracy.

We will have a stronger democracy if we extend the vote to young people who are most impacted by the political decisions of today. Young people should get a direct say in decisions about issues like climate change, health reforms, and debt.

You can learn more about us by watching a 20min documentary on our campaign:

Voting at 16 would help young people to start the voting habit earlier. Voting for the first time while you are still at school and part of a stable community increases turnout and interest. It will also help make current civics education in school more practical and prompt much-needed expansion of civics education.

Austria, Scotland and other countries that have a voting age of 16 have seen huge benefits, with increased youth turnout. There is momentum behind this with Wales recently lowering their voting age as well. New Zealand prides itself on being leaders of democratic reform, but we will be left behind if we don’t move soon to expand who can vote.

Signing this petition supports Make it 16’s campaign to extend the vote in Aotearoa.

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