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To: Nelson City Council

Light the Way 2020 (Railway Reserve, Nelson)

Light the Way 2020 (Railway Reserve, Nelson)

We call on you to create an urgent business case to fund solar lighting on the Railway Reserve between Victory Community Centre and Beatson Road.

Why is this important?

We believe that this thoroughfare is a vital part of the Nelson commuter network for cyclists, pedestrians and skateboarders, as well as a very popular local route for Nelson south residents, dog walkers and runners. Long distance cyclists typically use this route also.

By lighting the way we hope this route will become safer and more appealing for movement outside of daylight hours, particularly in the winter, giving us more choice to move around our city without motor vehicles, and to recreate more safely in our local neighbourhood.

How it will be delivered

For the two weeks following Winter Solstice 2020 our 'ambassadors' will be embracing the dawn and dusk at either end of this dark stretch of reserve gathering signatures and talking to users of the path. After this period we will present the petition to the Nelson City Council.

**If you'd like to be part of this action on the ground please contact us via our Facebook page or website.

Nelson, New Zealand

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